Friday, May 05, 2006

Can't tell you how sweet our adult going away party was!!!! Thanks to Lynda & Chuck Finney, Nancy &Jeff Kirby, Stephanie & John Doran, and Andrea & Andy Johnson!!!! It was great to see everyone before Barrett left the next day for Georgia. Just want everyone who doesn't know yet that your sweet "money tree" enabled us to put laminate flooring in three rooms of our new house and had enough left over to buy some back porch furniture!!! We just can't believe how wonderful you all are to be so giving. With three groups of people cycling through the clubhouse we got to visit one on one with everyone, thank you Stephanie for always being so organized!!! I can't get the picture "Picasa" thing to let me put more thatn three pictures at a time, so I am not going to post all of them. We took a picture with every couple so email me if you want me to send a copy to you. Evryone blessed us so much by being there tht night. Words cannot convey of thankfulness!!!! I know some of you guys read this and I want to thank you for your wonderful emails lately to Barrett. He forwarded some of them on to me at home. This has been a week that we have heard from many back home. I think we are all realizing we really aren't there anymore, boooo hoooo!!!!!

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