Friday, February 01, 2008

I don't know how to display grief as deep as we all feel right now except to show you the life that has been taken away from all of us. The little boy in the red...Brock "Brockie Love" Meadows. The Meadows are some of our dearst friends here in Atlanta. These were pictures taken by my dad. Barrett and I were in Playa Del Carmen. My parents were here taking care of the kids. The Meadows invited my parents and kids to a beautiful pumpkin patch the year we moved here.
Brock has always loved Lindsey. Lindsey loves him too!!!!!! She just babysat just him the other night while everyone else went to Athens for a basketball game. Lindsey is going over all the details of that night and what a gift it was. The highlight was, Lindsey sat on the counter in the kitchen and Brock thought that was neat and wanted up there with her. So they sat on the cabinet and ate dried cherries.
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