Monday, March 20, 2006

Finally moved in!!!!

Hey everybody, I MISS YOU ALL!!!!! I am rewarding myself tonight and sitting down to the computer to say hi. I have unpacked sooooo many boxes and feel real good about the house. It feels more like home now. This house is smaller than ours in Hurst but is configured so that is doesn't feel smaller. We are all fitting in well. We have an open upstairs into the living room. We (myself included) are all having fun dropping things off.

I wish you could have seen us when we got to Marietta last Monday. We got to stay at this nice hotel with lots of history and southern charm. The valet with white gloves is helping us out of the car and I open the back of the van everything falls out. Light Bright pieces, toys, food phones, cords, I was so embarrassed scrambling to try to pick it all up. I said we looked like the "Beverly Hillbillies." Martha Coleman drove out with us. She actually drove the whole way!!!! She was a huge blessing. We had many laughs over Drew saying every hundred miles, "I don't want to move!!!!" His fish died in transit. We felt like if he found out it would have thrown him right over the edge emotionality so we had Barrett buy him a new one and just kept traveling down the road with the dead one. When we got to Marietta we replaced it and he hasn't noticed yet.

The actual move date was Wednesday. It was the most beautiful day in the world. The trees and flowers are beginning to bloom and it is so awesome. The kids helped so much. I really don't know what we would have done without them. Lindsey took on decorating Drew's "secret room" which is a room off of his that is sort of like a finished out attic space. She painted it green and blue like Buzz Lightyear. She found Buzz wall stickers and border and added glow in the dark planets and stars. I could not believe she wanted to take on that project plus trying to get her own room unpacked but she did it all. I turned out so cute. Drew just doesn't know how good he has it!!!!

Yesterday (Sunday) was our first church day and it went really well. I am amazed at how the kids did. Lindsey and Emilie went to lunch with two sisters from Johnson Ferry on Saturday. It made for a great day at church. More about that later...


Anonymous said...

Go girl! I'm so impressed! I'm still not sure what a "blog" is, but I'm enjoying yours! I miss you all so much and I've had a great time sharing the "Drew stories" and the "Beverly Hillbillies" moment! Sorry, that we've played "telephone tag"; I'll catch you one evening soon. Love to all of the Johnsons! Martha

Anonymous said...

Jenifer - It's so sweet to read your insights! Keep looking for the Lord and telling us all about His glory! What blessings He's already providing ... His mercies truly are new every morning! I'm so encouraged to hear about every member of your precious family and how God is providing for them in their new world.
Love you bunches...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer & Barrett,
Loved your blogspot. Thanks for taking the time to do all that. It is great to see a little bit of your place. Hope to come see you sometime.

Our Love,
Brenson & Beka