Sunday, February 03, 2008

Letter to Brock 2/1/08

Friends of the Meadow Family can express condolences at Posted by Picasa

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Jennifer Crispin said...

Oh Lindsey, I am just in tears as I've read your sweat letter. (and read the whole story, but your letter throw me into tears) What a hard time for everyone that is involved. I am praying God's strength and understanding for everyone.
My sister, Lindsey's friend lost their 2 yr old just 6m ago. My sister Lindsey was with them the night before the Lord took Noah and I think she could identify with your feeling at this time.
I am so thankful that you, your family and the the family of Brock are believers in the living God. I just don't see how anyone could get by if they weren't.
My heart goes out to you and your family. And at the same time, my heart rejoices in what God can do during this time.
And for Brock... man... he doesn't get to be in this world and that is so sad for his friends and family, but he is with the best DAD of all! And what better way to grow up. (or not grow up, as you would like to see) :)
I love you guys. And I am praying. I wish I could send a big hug through the internet...