Friday, March 31, 2006

Psalm 39 thoughts

Hope everyone out in cyber land is doing well. It's time I sit down and put in a new entry. We all made it through being introduced in five services Sunday. The real kicker for all that know Drew is that by the fifth time I guess he thought that he should say something. He got the pastors attention and Bryant asked if he wanted to say something. Drew said something along the line of "I'm going to be six on April 5th!!" Everyone laughed and then lots of people came up to us afterwards and shared that their bday is that same day or somewhere around there.
The neighborhood that God has given u s is wonderful. we have has at least five plates of cookies and brownies brought to the door. I went to the lake and playground day before yesterday where some moms were hanging out. Everyone is very friendly and nice. There are hundreds of kindergaterners. Landon ended up running around with a throng of boys his age. There are creeks and woods to play in. It's a boys dream come true. Now if we could just find girls!!! Lindsey has baby sat three times now. I am sure you can't believe that. Read Psalms 139 today because I have such a fun devotional coming based on it. Jen

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Kristi F said...

Praise God. - I'm so glad to hear it is going well! Moving is so unsettling - but I've been praying God would surround you with loving people.

Are you sure Drew is turning 6?

I'm in Dallas, working today but I'll be back home tonight, so I'll set up my blog site properly with pictures then.
See - You caused me to grow again and do something new!
Love ya - and miss you lots!!!